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Save our NHS

If you live in Britain you have probably seen these posters everywhere. You'll see them in house windows, maybe on telephone poles and if they aren't outside NHS hospitals well they aren't doing propaganda properly. Every time I pass a poster, especially since the numerous times I have been in hospital the past year, I… Continue reading Save our NHS


A confession

Sometimes I do things that I know aren't normal. Sometimes I drink when I am alone, drinks that are too strong to be acceptable and enough to make it hurt the next day.¬†Sometimes I smoke, something I would have been disgusted to do two years back. Sometimes I cut my wrists - I would have… Continue reading A confession

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I’m Back!

And that's all it took to finally give me a kick up the bum and realise what I had. I have my mum and dad that would kill and die for me. I have my sister that I never want to see hurt ever, and I was going to do that? I have my longest friend that I would die for and I have two people, two soulmates (my man and my best friend) that are there through thick and thin and I could never leave or let down.