10 Supplies for your Self-Care Kit

Last week I went to see a councillor to talk about my anxiety. I am at the moment on the waiting list to have treatment for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and whilst I wait the services thought it was best I get control over my anxiety. I'm not going into detail about what we went… Continue reading 10 Supplies for your Self-Care Kit

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I’m Back!

And that's all it took to finally give me a kick up the bum and realise what I had. I have my mum and dad that would kill and die for me. I have my sister that I never want to see hurt ever, and I was going to do that? I have my longest friend that I would die for and I have two people, two soulmates (my man and my best friend) that are there through thick and thin and I could never leave or let down.