10 Supplies for your Self-Care Kit

Last week I went to see a councillor to talk about my anxiety. I am at the moment on the waiting list to have treatment for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and whilst I wait the services thought it was best I get control over my anxiety. I'm not going into detail about what we went… Continue reading 10 Supplies for your Self-Care Kit


Birthday Wishes

On Friday it was the twentieth birthday of my friend Clara. I don't know whether she had a birthday cake but I'm presuming she didn't. Her day was spent travelling back to Brighton from her home, setting up for the party and then seeing her boyfriend. That night she wore a crown like she was… Continue reading Birthday Wishes

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I’m Back!

And that's all it took to finally give me a kick up the bum and realise what I had. I have my mum and dad that would kill and die for me. I have my sister that I never want to see hurt ever, and I was going to do that? I have my longest friend that I would die for and I have two people, two soulmates (my man and my best friend) that are there through thick and thin and I could never leave or let down.