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Dear White People

Dear White People,

Last week I was going to write about how angry I felt when my friend told me to watch Dear White People. I wouldn’t have been angry if it was because it was a good show, he told me to watch it as if I need to be educated on what it’s like to be discriminated.

I still am angry; I was brought up in an area predominantly white but that being said I was never open to racism. It was something that never happened where I lived, or at least I never heard of it. The only experience I can bring to mind is when a boy short termed ‘Pakistani’ to something I feel uncomfortable saying. He was suspended for that.

I then moved to Brighton where people of all races, a lot fewer being white, termed the short-hand freely and that horrified me. So yes, I didn’t know where

So yes, I didn’t know what my friends went through; I was never stopped in the street just because I was running or because I looked dodgy but I myself have never been deemed a racist and I never will be.

So I was angry but I sat through the first episode. My anger later subsided, I went on with revision and didn’t think about how horrible white people were. That was until yesterday.

As you may have all heard, there was a nail bombing in Manchester on Monday. Which is disgusting and had me fearful, upset and hateful. Fearful for my family and friends in Manchester, upset for those who are going through an ordeal and trying to find their still-missing children, friends, parents, and hateful to whoever did this.

And a lot of people experienced that hate. They condemned whoever did it, they hoped they experienced as much pain as possibly wherever they were sent. Which is fair enough.

And then there were the idiots who started talking about Islam and Muslims and being hateful not to a person but to a religion. Whoever did this does not define a religion or a group of people. We don’t see Jews condemning every white person due to the hateful things that have been done numerous times over history, or black people, or Indian people with the British. But of course, people blamed Islam… and when I say people I mean white people.

So, Dear White People,

We are all the same. It does not matter on the colour of our skin or our religion we are all the same. What that man does not reflect a religion. Islamic State, who have taken responsibility for it, does not reflect a religion. What that despicable pig did reflects himself, Islamic State reflects a few people.

I think we should all seeing each other as individuals, not as a group. That’s why I was so mad when my friend said that white people are racist because I am white but I am not a racist. Individual white people say and do and react in disgusting ways but they do not represent me.

Just as a black person does not represent every black person, every Asian doesn’t represent all Asians, and on and on.

This feels like I am preaching common sense but those comments about Islam, spewing out of white, predominantly males’, mouths, really hit a cord. And sometimes you do have to preach what your mother told you.

Thanks for listening, White people,

From a White Person.




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