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He won’t Listen

Today, whilst I was cuddling with my boyfriend the topic of my ex-boyfriend came up. I know, I can feel your cringe from here but we speak about him a lot, less so in the last few months, mainly due to what happened last May. I'm usually fine talking about it. There is nothing to… Continue reading He won’t Listen

the lemons

Are you taking the bliss?

I don't know about you but I have always been brought up fearing these two words strung together; cyber bullying. It's one of those facts that your head teacher gave you in assembly; every single one of us will be cyberbullied at a point in our lives. It seems to have only become worse with… Continue reading Are you taking the bliss?

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I’m Back!

And that's all it took to finally give me a kick up the bum and realise what I had. I have my mum and dad that would kill and die for me. I have my sister that I never want to see hurt ever, and I was going to do that? I have my longest friend that I would die for and I have two people, two soulmates (my man and my best friend) that are there through thick and thin and I could never leave or let down.

the lemons

My Stage

It's something that has stopped me from doing so much, and if writing about it has me doing one thing I thought I would never do I'll be happy. I'm ready to be confident in myself and the things I do and trust the people around me. I'm only young, I deserve to live my life to the fullest.