Pinch-punch third of the month

I’m not that into resolutions. I’m not that into change to be honest. I always make excuses like I’ll start on Monday, or I have to get a partner in crime to do it with, or I just can’t be arsed.

I can never keep up with healthy eating, even though I have been brought up on my mum’s low-cal diet. I can’t do a squatting challenge because by day three I’m doing it whilst downing a family-sized bag of crisps and by the next day I ‘forgot’ about it. I couldn’t even hack the contraceptive pill because remembering to take it was too much.

But there was always one thing I was pretty good at doing. I dedicated a month to it every year and I actually – I actually – keep it up. And that’s writing a story in a month.

So yeah, I am going to state to you, the great people of the blogosphere, that I am going to write a book in a month. And yes I know I should have promised this to you on April first but I am not joking when it comes to my promises and I didn’t want you thinking I was joking either.As I have mentioned before I bloody love writing. I was introduced to the site by my best friend who is much loved on the e-book site Wattpad but her meticulous writing seems to be her downfall as she is never able to complete the challenge. I, on the other hand, write anything that comes to mind and heavily edit later.

My book idea is to rewrite a story I had written five years ago. A book I now cringe at reading the first sentence and I question the sanity of those who read to the end. Like what were they serious thinking? But I’m going to rewrite and this time Picture Perfect will be… well… perfect.


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