the lemons

Are you taking the bliss?


I don’t know about you but I have always been brought up fearing these two words strung together; cyber bullying.

It’s one of those facts that your head teacher gave you in assembly; every single one of us will be cyberbullied at a point in our lives. It seems to have only become worse with the ever-expanding social platforms that are available for us.

I have to admit I have been cyber bullied; I got constant abuse from this bitch in sixth-form who, in her twisted mind, thought I was bullying her. I swear, the Welsh are mental and inbred… and I’m saying this as Welsh born and bred.

My sister had some abuse lately, some absolute arse subscribing her to weight-loss sites. This made my blood boil and made me cry but still, nothing was mentioned to Mum and Dad and we got this sorted. That’s the thing with the internet, if you know certain things (like an email address) you can get away undetected.

Which brings us to today with my friend calling in a panic about her email, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Spotify being hacked. They not only got into her emails and such, they also changed the password to lock her from using social media – what a sick and twisted thing to do!

We have our suspicions on who but how can you march up to someone and demand them to admit something. I used to do it about my sister stealing my clothes and the next thing I’d find my school tie stuffed between my DVD collection (I still know she did that in a petty comeback).

It can be argued this isn’t cyber bullying but in my eyes, if it makes your heart race, chest tighten and making you panic then yes it’s bullying.

And quite honestly, like my head teacher would say, you should bloody well stop it.


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