I know you aren’t supposed to talk about politics, money or religion, but that’s not what this post is about.

I was brought up without a pinnacle to believe in, I was brought up to believe in myself and the good in others – I suppose. But, I did go to a Christian school and was made to go to church service every Tuesday, to sing the hymns every day of the week and listen to a parable every Thursday. So, as you presume, I know Jesus’ story front, back, left ways and right ways.

I know about Lent, every single year – the Monday before Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day, Mardis Gras – we would sit around and in turn tell the class what we were giving up for Lent. Even at a young age I thought it was trite, like how I roll my eyes now at the phrase ‘new year, new me’.

But the last few months, living across the street from my university has made me lazy. I get up at twenty past eight, go to breakfast and if I’m lucky I squeeze in a shower. In more ways than one can you describe me as messy – over the past two months I tidied my room twice; once was because my boyfriend begged me and the other was so it was tidy on my return.

So, the day before Easter Sunday how did I become so aware of my vegetable nature? Well, a good old Morning Routine video of course. Someone else’s perfect life can always inspire another (or make them incredibly jealous). So yeah, I thought I’d better share it with you, as it’s known you are more likely to do something if you write it down, say it out loud – or even better – tell someone about it.

So here it is,

  1. Over the next two weeks of the holiday I’m pushing my morning alarm back to seven
  2. I’m going to try and read more (I have a shelf full back in my flat at uni and I have hardly touch the collection)
  3. I’m going to play my ukulele more (God forbid how much my parents spent on my birthday present, I need to bloody use it!)
  4. Drink more water
  5. I’m gonna try and get back into yoga

Now, this seems a lot but in all I need to spend twenty minutes a day on my ukulele, I only have to do ten minutes of yoga, drinking and sleeping are necessities of life and as dull as some of you may think reading is, it’s how I cut loose. And I have to cut loose once in a while.

Until I feel inspired to write again,
Have  a great day lovelies.

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