The 11 Stages of Friendship

Starting at university you get quite a clinical view on how friendships are made and the levels of friendship you have. Five months into uni life and I can now say I have got to the highest level of friendship – all will be revealed soon…
(Or you can skip to stage eleven..)

  1. Introducing yourself. It starts overwhelming but easy, everyone’s asking the same questions; what’s your name, where are you from, what course are you doing? These were all the basics to every friendship I ever made in Brighton.
  2. Getting to know a bit more about each other. After our first night out the flatmates and I decided we’d wander around the city. That was when we found out that one of our flatmates never leaves his room and the other one preferred the gym over human interaction. It was when I could be as annoying to one flatmate without being killed and the other I could sass until he’s blue in the phase trying to hold in his laughter.
  3. Alone time. This is where no one is around and you find yourself knocking on your newly acquainted friends door to find something to do.
  4. Inside Jokes. This might make you think bad of me, but I had a saying with Dom – Banana Bread – which was said every time I mentioned wanting to murder someone  this only happened because there’s this girl who does my head in).
  5. Gossip. This is where you start talking about people, mainly people they have never met, never will meet, and go on and on. I always end up bringing up stuff that has been funnelled to me by friends back home and my sister’s year’s gossip.
  6. Finding out how much you can get away with. Everyone has their peeves; mine, for instance, is people taking things from my cupboards using them and then not washing them. Some people have thin lines between cool and a fiery inferno. You’ll find this out pretty soon.
  7. The meaningful talk. We’ve all done it; got drunk or homesick or just sad and you end up pouring your heart out to someone. In the past I have let things go to people I would never say hi to in the corridor but when I got here I kept things to my chest. Only with a handful of people have I actually opened up to. This is a massive game changer in the relationship.
  8.  The next encounter. This is where you either never talk to this person again and the friendship is over, or you are closer than ever.
  9. Fighting for each other. Whether it’s over someone taking the last bite of chicken (I put my hands up, I have stolen fried chicken from a friend) or if it’s acting as someone’s little rottweiler.
  10. Fighting with each other. This is another game changer because with every relationship you ever have, you fight and then make up. There’s an ongoing feud between me and a flatmate about washing dishes (I will win!).
  11. Peeing together. Now this, as revolting as it sounds is the end goal. I know, I know – are you crazy? No, I’m really not. This small act is one for when your are the highest level of drunk and the highest level of trust. This is friendship goals.

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