Starting my day Twenty-One Hours late

I try and be productive at some point during the day, even if it’s doing just one thing – and that thing ends up being brushing my hair!

Today, my productivity started at nine o’clock at night. Obismal, I know.

I knew I had started my day wrong when I woke up burning up and thinking the only cure was to snuggle further into my quilt (that’s a hangover for you kids). It only got worse when I finally got out of bed and had a breakfast of blueberries and chocolate chip cookies.

Now, I’m not a party-girl kinda lady. I do drink, like twice a month so it hit me kind of hard last night when my friend handed me some mysterious mixture of shorts. But you know, I tried my best and slapped on my yoga pants ready to be as productive as possible. I tidied my bed, pulled my laptop out to get ready and…

And then my boyfriend came in whining about a smoothie I had promised him and never delivered. So I put everything to the side and made the smoothie. I then, procrastination clouding my mind, asked if he wanted to watch a movie.

Two hours of Jason Bourne and then going for dinner, we went back and did absolutely nothing. I don’t know what I did with those two and a half hours (apart from pulling my boyfriend from his own work), but I ended up dragging myself downstairs and doing the one thing I had slipped into my yoga pants for this early afternoon.

And so yeah, I did an intensive thirty minutes of ab crunches, yoga and stretches. I’ve written today’s blog post and now I’m going to try and finish my notes on bones – yay!

Not bad for starting my day twenty-one hours late.

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