Silver Linings

Things don’t always go well for me, and when they don’t they really don’t. Today’s been one of those not-going-well days.

Days before university I bought myself a phone, an upgrade to the one before where there was no way for me to connect to the internet, no way to message friends across the world and no way for me to press the key ‘H’. The new model was shiny and blue and touchscreen.

It only took a month to realise that WhatsApp had an adverse effect on the phone and I was unable to make one text without a line of jibberish at the beginning, middle or end. And then there were the calls that I just never received.

I’ve been having trouble with my phone for four months until today when I finally decided I would reboot the phone. Never did I think of the trouble taken to move the low-quality snaps on my phone to my laptop, or how quickly my last nerve snapped. I ended up in a temper tantrum, shoving chairs and savage noises coming out of my chest like some child that didn’t get what she wanted.

In the end, after countless tries using Google Drive, Facebook Messenger and the online cloud, I was able to send the photos through WhatsApp, losing my videos because it took so long to download. And I didn’t even think about writing down my friends phone numbers…

There was a silver lining to all this. Looking back at the photos taken over the last four months I was able to see before my eyes friendships building; watched as I moved from a friend to a girlfriend. It’s true what they say about university – you make friends for life – and I already know who’s going to be with me in five years, ten years and even fifty years.

It’s a good thing my phone was so busted.

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